Monday, 7 August 2017

Stop chasing after people...

September 2006 - Celebrating 10 years with my other half.

Seen on TWITTER ...

"Don't chase people. Be you, do your own shit and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you".

As I get older, I feel this way. Whether rightly or wrongly. In this day and age of social media, you would think it would be easier for everyone to stay in contact. Or perhaps it is more that some people don't want to make time, despite these easy methods of staying in touch.

Over 10 years ago we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, so invited some friends over. 10 years on, I am planning on celebrating my 20th year of living in France - actually falls on this month. Over the years since the above photo was taken, most of those in it are no longer in contact with us. Or are, but we rarely hear from them.

In between, we've had two children, my Grandma and my Mum have since passed away and I also nearly popped my clogs too. I think all these events sort of make you realise who cares and who doesn't. Lets just say I've been disappointed by a lot of people, both friends and family.

So these days I no longer chase after people... I know who those are who have time for us and who in turn we have time time for... It does hurt when people snub you. But we are better than that.

Top Gear Pronouns

Seen on the BBC NEWS SITE today...

"Fellow Top Gear alumnus Richard Hammond, 47, was flown to hospital in Switzerland after crashing an electric super car in Switzerland in June."

Friday, 4 August 2017

Swinford Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicester

At the moment I am researching the area of Leicester where my Dad spent his childhood through to his early 20′s, from the 1940′s till the late 1960′s.

The part of Swinford Avenue, in Glen Pava (now the Eyres Monsell) where he lived no longer exists. Surprisingly little has been written about the Rupert Estate as it was known. The Prefabs there were built for employees working for Power Jets around 1941/42.

Here is a very short cine film clip from the mid 60′s, taken by my Dad outside the prefab in Swinford Avenue where he lived. It shows my Grandparents arriving in their car, while my Mum and my Dad’s brother, Michael, wait for them.
Very poignant for me, as I never knew my Grandparents - my Grandad passed away before I came along and my Grandma when I was 18 months old.

If you can add any further info about this area of Leicester, then please feel free to get in contact.

Daughter has gone, last day with my son…

The school Summer holidays are long, perhaps too long. We have enrolled our two children into day camp two days a week, but that still leaves them with me for 3 days. You quickly realise that preparing lunch for them and then all the washing up, tidying around etc, takes a chunk out of the day and finding things for them to do gets more and more difficult.
Any other tasks, like DIY and the gardening become difficult too.

Added to which I have the English lessons to do, although being July & August, it is very quiet. No one wants to learn English at this time of the year, they just want the beach!
Doesn’t stop me trying to find new “customers”.

At the very last minute, a friend suggested our son spend a week or so with them in Brittany. But then we realised it wouldn’t be fair for him to go and for our daughter to stay at home.

My PIL’s were off to the Dordogne towards the end of the week, so we suggested our daughter go with them. Of course, being short notice, she wanted to stay with us.
Lets just say it was a hard goodbye yesterday, when we finally managed to get her into the car! Anyone would have thought she was being kidnapped!
So son is off tomorrow…

Thursday, 22 June 2000

Fontenay-le-Vicomte by helicopter

Back in June 2000, my nephew Florent took these views of our village during a helicopter ride.

Photos © Florent BRIANT.

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